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  • Appeared in the August issue of "Monthly Capital Goods Industry Marketing"
  • Japan Manufacturing Industries' Introduction Movie - Cooporated by Film Garden, planned by Chubu Buhin Kakou Association
  • Joined "Japan Manufacturing Spinning-top Cup"
  • Entry history - Chubu Buhin Kakou Association

  • Appeared in the August issue of "Monthly Capital Goods Industry Marketing"


    Akatsuka Factory CEO, Kenji Akatsuka was interviewed by News Digest Publishing Co., Ltd. and it was printed in Monthly "SEISANZAI (Production Equipment) MARKETING Magazine" (August issue)'s special featuring; titled "How to connect to the next generation".
    He is still young in this industry but we hope this article will cheer up the young generations who are going to jump in this industry.

    Interview movie(Filmed by Film Garden)

    To purchase a backnumber: SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine


    Japan Manufacturing Industries' Introduction Movie


    Akatsuka Factory was choosed for Japan Manufacturing Industries' Introduction Movies planned by Chubu Buhin Kakou Association.
    The theme of us is "Manufacturing inductry's succession of a business and its family"
    Following the theme, CEO, Chairman, CEO's wife and our youngest staff, Ishihama-kun were interviewed.

    Theme1 Succession of business

    Theme2 The future of this small factory



    As you can see at the end of the movie, our Chairman's story made the interviewer lady cry...
    Unfortunately the movie is all in Japanese so if you are interested in the contents of the interview, please feel free to ask.


    Joined "Japan Manufacturing Spinning-top Cup CROSSOVER2017Vol.1"


    Akatsuka Factory joined in "Japan Manufacturing Spinning-top Cup CROSSOVER2017Vol.1" as a partner company of Aichi Prefectural Aichi High School of Technology and Engineering.

    Memorable original T-shits Memorable original T-shits
    (Memorable original T-shits. You can find this in our office)

    Until the day of the cup, our CEO and Chairman visited the high school and supported the high school students who work so hard toward their dream to create the strongest spinning-top.
    It was very unfortunate that they could not receive a price but the days with the students were so much precious than a price for us.
    Of course if we can chance to participate again, we will try our best again and win a price!



    Entry history - Chubu Buhin Kakou Association


    Akatsuka Factory is a member of Chubu Buhin Kakou Association.
    (The Association for the part processing industries of Chubu region in Japan)

    For the sake of future Japanese metal-processing manufacturing industry, we are building a network between makers; not only manufacturers but also related service corporations. We also conduct a variety of activities to get good quality of management circumstances and production knowledge.
    Below are the activities Akatsuka Factory participated in the past.   

  • 2016.07 First general meeting. Akatsuka Factory became a member of the board of directors.
  • 2016.09 Meidai-sha’s outplacement fair
  • 2016.09 Maki Seisakusho’s plant tour and anecdotal report
  • 2016.10 BBQ party at Akatsuka Factory
  • 2016.10 Discussion about screw thread machining trouble solution at Okuma
  • 2016.12 Tungaloy’s plant tour and introduction for the tool management
  • 2017.02 Attended second general meeting.
  • 2017.04 Hanami party at Mizuno Machinery
  • 2017.06 Imao Corporation’s plant tour and review meeting of factory management
  • 2017.07 Mitsubishi Material’s event
  • 2017.07 BBQ party at Meinan Kikai Seisakusho
  • 2017.10 Mechatronics Technology Japan2017
  • 2017.11 Messe Nagoya 2017
  • 2017.12 Heshikai Shinkin Bank’s personnel and subsidy consultancy
  • 2018.01 Attended third general meeting. Akatsuka Factory was selected for a second term of director

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