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Facility Introduction


NT4300DCG600×1500 Chuck Size: 18inch (4 shafts at the same time)DMG Mori
Vertical Mate 85Combined Grinding Machine Φ50~Φ800K.K. Taiyo Koki
LB45Ⅱ660×2000 Chuck Size: 18inchOKUMA
LC40650×1500 Chuck Size: 18inchOKUMA
LC30450×1000 Chuck Size: 12inch (2 machines)OKUMA
LB15250×500  Chuck Size: 10inchOKUMA
MC-5VA400x1050x650 (Φ300 vertical round table)OKUMA
MX-55VB510x1050x650 (Φ300 vertical round table)OKUMA
MB-46VA400x500x450 (Φ200円 vertical round table)OKUMA
MR-1500Center space: 1500DMG Mori
MICRO-HITE3DMeasuring range: X460Y510Z420mmTESA
Solid works3D CADDassault Systèmes
Magnetic ChuckΦ400、Φ500 1 each 
赤塚製作所 赤塚製作所 赤塚製作所

What we can do for you

Middle sized turning process and secondary operation

We mainly produce parts for machine tools and its related.
Recently, orders for deep hole drilling / oblique hole drilling / cross hole drilling upto φ10mm 30D using a lathe type composite working machine are increasing.
In 2017, we introduced a Composite cylindrical grinding machine made by TAIYO SEIKI and are making efforts to improve the accuracy of processes.
Appricable tolerance: ~10micron
(we use subcontract if it is per 1micron)
※We are planning to introduce a high accuracy 3D measuring machine in the future
Finishing:Capable for various surface treatment
Material:◎ cylinder ◎ flange × shaft
(Others: TBD)
CAD format: DXF、IGES(IGS)、Parasolid(x_t,x_b)
CAD/CAM software:SolidWorks、SolidCAM

General sizing for processing

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End users

  • DMG Mori Co., Ltd.
  • Yamazaki Mazak Corporation.
  • NTN Corporation
  • JTEKT Corporation.
  • ENSHU Limited
  • Okuma Corporation
  • and others


    Work example

    From our Instagram...

    A5056 round bar - whole shaving
    Outer diameter: φ350
    Length: 240L
    Inner diameter tolerance: 0.02mm
    Inner diameter O-ring ditch
    End surface: 8D-35D hole
    Phase focusing hole from the outer diameter

    CAC502C copper base alloy
    Diameter: φ121.3
    Squareness: 0.01
    Concentricity: 0.01
    Reamer bore more than 6D

    Thin-wall processing
    Material: S45C
    Eccentricity: 5mm
    Outer diameter: Φ209

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    鉄工所 赤塚製作所鉄工所 赤塚製作所鉄工所 赤塚製作所