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Company Profile

Company Name Akatsuka Factory Co., Ltd. (Yugen Gaisya Akatsuka Seisakusyo)
Head Office 1-44-2 Tokuda Nishi, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu 501-6017 Japan
Foundation March 17th, 1982
Representative CEO Kenji Akatsuka
Founder Chairman Tatsuji Akatsuka
Business Portfolio
  • Machine processing for metal and non-ferrous metal
  • Producing one-off crank pulley
  • Bank
  • Juroku Bank
  • Gifu Shinkin Bank
  • Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
  • Akatsuka Factory Akatsuka Factory Akatsuka Factory

    Company History

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    Corporate Identity

    Value a committed relationship with people, never forget flexibility and thankfulness, and make efforts on daily work

    Greeting from CEO


    I had worked in totally different business fields when I decided to join the manufacturing industry in order to support development of my father's company. It has been about 10 years after the decision, and 4 years at 2018 after I became CEO and I am still a fledgling in this field.
    It was one and half years before the the financial crisis, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, when I started working at Akatsuka Factory, so I experienced both economic boom and the depths of a depression, which now I can say it was a great experience.

    Akatsuka Factory is a very small company, started as a domestic industry and we have only 3 employees and 3 board members at this moment. However we use the strength of a small company; quickness, and many customers are connected by making trial production, accepting small lot products or short term orders.

    I value the faith and performance established by my father, and also trying to go forward adding my personal color as a successor.
    To make all of the people relate to Akatsuka Factory feel happy with us, I will keep study and work hard as a CEO and also as a person.

    Kenji Akatsuka

    Greeting from the founder


    We have been producing parts for industrial machines and cars since I founded Akatsuka Factory at 1977.
    Our product is just one part of the complicated machines or cars but we have been making efforts to produce the product more speedy, more accurately and by lower cost.
    Today's Japanese manufacturing is under the difficult environment because of the overseas transfer of production. But we will keep working on "the production to make someone happy, the production adding someone pleasure".

    We can accomodate requests from accurate machine parts to a part of your vintage car, imported car, racing car etc..
    If you have any trouble or requestm please feel free to conatc us.

    Tatsuji Akatsuka

    Akatsuka Factory's 5S Activities


    - Seiri (Organize)
    - Seiton (Neat)
    - Seisou (Clean up)
    - Seiketsu (Cleanliness)
    - Shitsuke (Discipline)

    We use 5S activity as an employee education guideline. We value those 5 words.
    Our employee gets education from business skill to math study and general knowledge.

    Also, by attending Chubu Buhin Kakou Assosiation's freshman training course, they can get contacts in another companies.

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